Paperpokes is a Pokemon papercraft-based website. It is made up of 7 members, who perform

Paperpokes Team Papercraft

The Team

various function such as designer, testbuilder, recolor, and 3D editing. Every Monday, a new model is posted, and there are (as of Dec 19, 2011) 275 models of pokemon. There are also Pokedolls from R/B/Y, a table for those Pokedolls, 2 different Pokemon eggs and even a jumbo 3-D Pikachu card. The website is searchable by designer, generation (or Pokedolls), and type, and there is also a search bar. Sometimes works from other designers will be added, such as CottonEyedJoe's Cubone and Ichtus7's Tentacruel.

The Team Job
Brandon Designer/Recolor
PMF Designer/Recolor
POdragon (Jyxxie) Designer
Paperbuff Sadly has passed away (founder)
Skelekitty Testbuilder/Designer
Lyrin Testbuilder/Recolor
Pixel-Kakashi Founder


If you simply scrolled through the crafts, you would notice a major difference between certain models, such as their Rapidash versus the most recent, Kingdra. However, the quality improves a little every week, and as Rapidash was one of their earliest models, if it had been made more recently it would be very much more realistic. Also, they have started to do re-makes of some of the older models to made them look better.

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